reyna brown

Reyna Brown has a variety of experience engaging her students in critical thinking using performing arts as a tool for elementary school students, university students, and working professionals. She is able to center the power of the arts and personal testimony to create learning spaces where hierarchies are dismantled and everyone in the room becomes both a learner and a teacher, herself included. As an advocate and representative for social change, Reyna has served as Student Body President of the University of San Francisco, worked diligently with the CA Governor’s Office Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and has worked to mobilize young people through the San Francisco Human Rights Commission. Today she develops an engaging curriculum for youth through teaching with Handful Players, a student of color-based performing arts program. She also manages a group of teachers in developing and implementing a curriculum that is both rigorous and fun for our students. Graduating from USF, class of ‘19, with an undergraduate degree focused in Performing Arts & Social Justice with an emphasis in Theater and a minor in Peace and Justice Studies has allowed her to develop a keen understanding of social institutions of power and the impact that history has on our communities today. 

esora brown

Esora Brown has in-depth, institutional knowledge of the historical/moral values of BATS after their multitude of jobs from Production Coordinator to defining the role of Group Sales Manager as they exited the company. They recently completed her undergraduate degree in Critical Diversity Studies at the University of San Francisco, class of ‘18, with a focus on studying racial identity formation, gender and sexuality, and the utilization of theatre in engaging sociocultural issues. Their research at USF focused on racial identity formation amongst self-identifying black undergraduates at a predominantly white institution that lacked critical cultural awareness and accountability policy. They hold experience in student program development, outlining a culturally responsive curriculum, and creating educational art pieces. 

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