A benefit performance amplifying stories showcasing the impact of incarceration.

May, 2018

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Amplify seeks to broadcast stories of oppression through art, music, and poetry to move audience members to take action against systems of oppression in our world. With our projects we hope create spaces for young people to dive deeper into their own artistic talents to seek healing and understanding.


This year, our students will look into the history of African Americans by examining their literature and art during and after the Harlem Renaissance. They will explore the failure of reconstruction and the War on Drugs to inform their understanding of mass incarceration. Students will then showcase their talents to express the emotional impact of incarceration on families across America in our final performance in May 2018. 

Our social engagement action for this years program will consist of registering our community members to vote in an effort to increase political engagement and give local policy makers and politicians a candid look at the impact of incarceration and the abundantly clear need for incarceration reform. 




rooted in art, music, and poetry...

Project Amplify was born from a small idea called Project A.M.P. which stands for art, music, and poetry. When I was a high school student, I used this project to create a benefit concert showcasing youth talent in my community. It was during rehearsing for this show, that I uncovered the raw emotions and testimonies that flow through artistic talent and provide healing to its audience members and participants. I was able to craft activities and rehearsal spaces that not only allowed students to practice their craft, but understand the emotional outlet their crafts provide for them.

After coming to college, I have decided to revamp Project A.M.P. and fit it into a new context. It is my hope that Project Amplify serves as a space for stories of oppression to be broadcasted to those who are blind to the realities of so many people across the world. I may not have the answer to world peace, but we can start by listening to those who need it most.

This year, Project Amplify will focus its presentation on mass incarceration and the aftermath of the War on Drugs. Students in our program will amplify the voices of those incarcerated by speaking their stories through an artistic tongue. It is our hope that audience members feel moved to take action after the performance, and become more active politically in their communities.

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